It's me, Pati!

I'm Patricia Menegoto - marketer for wellness brands

I know that feelings drive people. As a brand, you want to make your customer feel a certain way after interacting with you and your product. This is how to make connected sales that have a real impact on people. You need the fresh perspective of a specialist outside of your existing team to do this. I use strategic event management and community building activities to connect people in meaningful ways that ignite discovery and a sense of extraordinary in the everyday.


I’m originally from Brazil and currently live in San Francisco, bridging the Brazilian market to the international market and vice versa. As an entrepreneur driven by the desire to build authentic connections, I’ve worked with startups, big tech companies like Twitter and Google, agencies and clients from across the world to grow their brand, invest in customer experience and increase product awareness.

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I help innovative Wellness, Beauty, Food and Beverage brands create a customized and meaningful marketing strategy to turn clients into fans and increase their growth performance.

The process of designing experiences to connect with your customer lights me up. I like to turn challenges along the way into exciting opportunities to get creative and see no barrier too big.  I create transformation in the lives of your customer with every brand experience I design. Whether via influencer campaigns, social media management, product launches or events, my job is always clear: I help you to connect and engage with your audience.

My Story

As a teen I did a cultural exchange in Denmark which fueled my ongoing curiosity into how people behave and what drives us as humans. 

Aged 21, I felt I needed to explore new opportunities so I moved to Sao Paulo, a vibrant cosmopolitan city in Brazil. During my work here in an event agency 1 year seemed like 3 years worth of evolution and professional growth. 

When Brazil went into a financial crisis I lost my job. Things got worse leading to a personal crisis. 

I decided to look for communities who I identified with, to focus on myself and my well-being. My relationship with food and lifestyle was changing, my energy was returning, and I felt the transformative power that self-care has in our personal and professional life.

Building on these solid foundations I had laid for myself, I started my own business working with big technology and entrepreneurship companies around Brazil. I noticed a huge gap in the lack of women working at the heart of technology so I started to bring more inclusion to the experiences created. 

After moving to the USA, I realised I wanted to work with CPG brands who promote well-being and with female empowerment projects. I feel these are the areas in which I can make the most impact. 

Today, I continue to seek a healthy work life balance. I am still curious about exploring the world and facing my fears, but this time with absolute clarity in my mission to create meaningful and unforgettable experiences where people can connect.

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