I connect you to your audience with strategic community management & authentic brand experiences.

I work with you in a collaborative way to create a bespoke process. Our initial discovery call will clarify how we can best work together to sell your wellness products, plant based vegan food, holistic beauty brands or other leading-edge products. I understand that there’s an increased demand for transparency with consumers wanting to know more about where their products are coming from and what impact they have.

Here are the main services I offer:

Growth Strategy: Influencer/ Ambassador Campaign and Email Marketing

I design an exciting new strategy for your brand. From the outside looking in I see things that you can easily miss. This could involve connecting you with influencers for campaigns and implementing an email marketing strategy to grow your engagement whilst increasing your revenue. Together, we’ll come up with a plan of action that brings you a higher level of market share so you can make an even bigger impact with your innovative product/brand. 

Social Media Management & Virtual Community Building

Using the tools of social media and/or forums, I grow your outreach and engagement with your ideal clients. I create your social media calendar and customized strategy to make sure we reach your business goals and meet your targets. 

My design partner is on hand to create tailored graphics in line with your branding. Outsourcing this side of your marketing to an expert is an ideal way to make sure you have more time to focus on your own zone of genius, whether that’s designing cutting edge food&beverage tech tools for a more sustainable future, leading a women’s empowerment project or celebrating innovation with beauty tech.

In Person and Online Events

I plan, promote and implement in person events to make an impact. We co-design an experience to take participants through a process where they can learn, connect and be inspired. This could be a product launch, conference or team building event.

I want people to leave your unforgettable event feeling uplifted. Part of the strategy involves gathering data in order to better understand the market. I take care of reports after the event to ensure that your company increases revenue and stays connected to your customer.

It’s a human desire to discover and connect which can be done just as well across borders using tech as when physically in the same space. The benefit is that we can get people from different countries and cultures together to create an inclusive and exciting experience via global online events. This is a powerful way to create lasting connections with your audience.

Brand Ambassador / Content Creation

Patricia is an influencer for better-for-you & gluten free brands, travel, beauty and fitness. She uses her international marketing knowledge and expertise to help brands create UGC content and promote them on social media. Patricia’s mission is to give it back and help emerging brands increase brand awareness and sales.

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Co-creating of the strategy design, communities and events / social media campaign launches


Client increases revenue and brand awareness.

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