Today I’m here to share a quick and useful tip of how to find what events are happening in your area. Not only learning events, but you can also find events about community, hiking or hanging out. 

Normally, each country has a tool that works best for the area. For example, in Brazil, the WhatsApp is an app that is very important to do business and share content nowadays and here in the US people, normally, don’t use WhatsApp, they go for Slack. 

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Here are some of the tools I’ve been using to learn about what events exist in the US and in Brazil:

First, here is some software that works for

Both countries 

  • Eventbrite: This is a big tool here in the US, almost every event in the Bay Area is there. From corporate events to yoga classes at the beach.
  •  What I love about meetup is that they are smaller events and you can join different groups depending on which topics you are interested in. Also, they normally do an event per month, which makes it easier to create a better relationship with people that attend often. 
  • Facebook: It is not all about party events here, take a deeper look! 
  • Linkedin: You can find interesting events on the feed or events that people mention in their articles. 

Very useful in the US

  • Slack groups: There are a lot of different groups in Slack, for example, entrepreneurs group, marketing, or even for a conference. What I use every day is the Techqueria group, it’s a Latinx in tech group with people from all around the world.


Very useful in Brazil

  • Whatsapp: Like Slack, there are a lot of different and active groups that share content and events.
  • Sympla: This is a big tool in Brazil. You can find from corporate events to parties.


Finally, people that you meet and keep in touch can share with you events that are happening in your area. When you are out, just ask what event are you going to next?


See you next!!