Yes, the #SuperBowl2020 is over, but the impact behind the message is still running through our veins#DiversityandInclusion

Before we go deep into the message, I want to talk about the production behind the scenes.

Have you ever thought about all the planning and infrastructure needed to put that fabulous half time show experience together?! 

The Super Bowl Half Time Show (SBHTS) deployment team has 6 minutes – S I X MINUTES – to put the whole show on the field and to perform for only 12 minutes. If you are not from the event planning area, let me clarify what this means…a big event needs months of planning. For example, the event for 5,000 people I worked at required 8 months of planning, and we scheduled 4 fourteen-hour days to construct the set. Another example, trade shows for 15K+ attendees start planning a year ahead and the event structure (booths and experiences) begin construction a week before the opening day. The speed and readiness required to meet the short timeline for the SBHTS is AMAZING!

If you are curious about the setup, check the Timelapse of the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017:

In a business you have to think about all facets that impact your company–product, team, market, consumer…Planning an event is not different.

The SPHTS team starts to plan 8 months before the show, including onsite visits at the stadium and creating backup plans if anything happens–it’s a live event, so you know… anything can happen. In addition, the SPHTS has to think about the experience of not only viewers watching live, but also from home. They have to deploy the speakers, lights, and cameras in strategic places that will not affect the end-user experience in a negative way, yet at the same time will provide the best sound and lighting systems.

Did any of you see the 3-D projection they had on the dance floor? The only thing I can say is that they do an incredible job!

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did also an incredible job at the SBHTS and are the first Latin artists to co-headline the event.

The curious part is that they are two foreign singers (#GoLatinX) performing at America’s most-watched annual event!

During an interview with Good Morning America, they commented that they are using this opportunity to empower unity, diversity, and love. 

During an interview before the show with Bill Whitaker, Shakira said “I’m a woman. I’m a Latina. It wasn’t easy for me to get to where I am. And being at the Super Bowl is proof that everything is possible”. J-Lo was also sharing the same empowering message, during a press conference she said, “I think it’s a very important moment for our community, for the Latino community in this country”. J-Lo also hopes that the message will inspire young girls around the world.

YES GIRLS, you made history with this show!! I hope that Shakira’s and J-Lo’s message will inspire you to pursue your dreams or make you rethink what is possible to achieve — do not give up!

I’m proud to be a Latina trying to inspire people through experiences around the world — and yes, sometimes it’s not easy!

Here is my advice for you Latinx from anywhere in the world, join the Latinas in Tech Community or Techqueria Community. After I’ve moved to the US, these 2 communities helped me improve myself, learn about the US market and to connect with others.

Are you in any other Latinx Community you want to share? Please comment here!

Here is the video to watch the Super Bowl Show 2020: