5 reasons why you should start to volunteer today

People usually give back and volunteer when they are older and wealthier. I find that volunteering throughout life is valuable, besides helping someone you can improve yourself by exposing yourself to new experiences.

One metric everyone is given for “free” is time, YOU manage YOUR time as you want. I do not believe in the sentence “I do not have time” — again, this is just you prioritizing what you believe is important or not.

At times, I offer my service to volunteer work. However, I do take the time to consider the level of importance or significance.

So here is my list with 5 worthy reasons:

1 – Meet new people in a more meaningful way;

2 – Help a cause;

3 – Develop and learn new skills;

4 – Participate in events that you can not afford the ticket and you really want to visit and network.

5 – Have F U N. 


What’s the last event you volunteered at?

Is there any other reason “why” would you would / wouldn’t volunteer?